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Fish of the Month Competition – your chance to win £30 worth of tackle from Greg’s Tackle, Fakenham

If you catch a good fish on a club water, you can enter it in this monthly competition.


Competition rules:

  • The fish must be caught on a club water

  • The competition is open to all club members (both season members and temporary members i.e. day ticket holders) except committee members and bailiffs, and members of their families

  • Only one entry per person

  • The prize for each month’s winner is £30 worth of tackle from Greg’s Tackle; a photograph with caption will appear in the tackle shop

  • Entries to be submitted by 5p.m. on the first day of the following month at the latest by one of the following:
    - hard copy to the Club Secretary
    - by email: fakenhamanglingclub@gmail.com
    - via the club’s Facebook gallery https://www.facebook.com/groups/fakenhamanglingclub/

  • Each entry must be accompanied by a relevant photograph of the captor with the fish, with the details below:

Captor - name, address, phone number, (age if junior)

Fish – species, weight

Circumstances – where, time, method, tackle (line, hook), bait; other details of circumstances that are deemed relevant to the merit of the catch

Witness – name, address, phone number (age if junior). Witness must be able to verify capture and weight


All entries for the previous month will be considered by the FAC Committee at their monthly meeting (first Tuesday of each month). They will recommend two entries for a final choice of winner by Greg’s Tackle.

The winner will not necessarily be the largest fish. Other factors such as the size of the fish relative to that normally caught from that water and that normally attained by that species, age of the captor and circumstances of the catch will be considered in reaching a decision.

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