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Foxley Lake 2

April 28, 2015


The weed!!

its all about the weed!!


seriously though the Comittee thought we best explain some of the happenings and goings on regarding the weed at Foxley lake 2.


We have been looking at various methods of removing the majority of the weed at the venue over the past year; exploring dying the water, dredging the weed out, using weed killer, or putting in fish species that will help colour the water more or even eat the weed.


ive outlined everything we have looked at below:



this basically colours the water to filter out the UV light that makes the weed grow. Its relatively cheap; wont harm the fish and doesnt involve a huge amount of man power. As solutions go we have been told it might not do the job we would ideallly like. Whilst it might hamper weed growth it wont remove/stop it and it will need to be carried out multiple times a year.



Dredging is an incredibly invasive measure to take! Whilst it will remove a considerbale amount of weed; it will also damage the bottom of the lake and remove a thriving environment upon which the species within the lake survive and rely upon! 

Cutting was effective last year, its relatively accuaret in its atatck on the weed and the areas needing attention but it does require a large amount of man power and time. It will also need to be carried out several times a year!

we have also been quoted on specialist cutting equipment and comapnies to carry out the work; and whilst the work itself is resaonably cheap, the cost of moving the equipment required to the lake will virtually double the costs!


Weed Killer;

we have been told that whilst weed killer will be efefctive against the weed at the surface of the lake, it will have little to no effect on the deeper weed and the roots. Too much will have a devastating effect on the natural environment of the lake and we need to be careful because the lake is a part of a spring system that flows through and out of the lake.


Fish Species:

we have looked into various species of fish that might help keep the weed down: chub, carp etc will all help to colour the water, reducing weed growth. They will also help to tackle to population of crayfish.



So we have been looking across a wide range of ideas and solutions to tackle the issue.

the problem is we cannot please everybody in this matter:

in days gone by it was common for a fisherman to carry a rake and rake their swim; a superb method for bringing bream onto the feed! These days a rake isnt that common and it does add baggage to the already over stuffed barrow of some fishermen! its also hard work to start with!


So, do we look at utterly removing the weed? turning a beautiful natuiral lake into a "muddy puddle"? Ecologically and naturally i would like to think most fishermen wouuld consider this an awful idea!

but many fishermen are happy to fish a water with no snags, no features and nothing but a muddy bottom! 


There will be a happy medium; and, as a comittee, we will find it. We will not please everybody; but we will provide what we consider the best solution to please the majority of people.

It might take a few work parties to cut swims out, it might mean we close the lake for a day or two to get the work done. It might mean we have to damage the banks to get a digger rond to dredge some of the weed out.

We dont know yet; but we are looking at every angle we can do resolve the problem.


In the mean time; we will be having a work party at the lake in the near furture to cut swims and drag some of the weed out, as we did last year with great success! so if you fancy a mornings graft, some laughter and getting a little wet feel free to join us!

A date will be posted on the site when we have arranged it!





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