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This is a quick guide to how matches work, for people that have never been on a match before. 


Things to know before entering 

Most Lakes we fish have their own website to find out their specific rules, where their lakes are etc. 

Keepnets - Some venues supply there own, if not you will need 2 keepnets at least. 

Make sure you know the rules. 


Before the day off the match

Before the day of the match it is recommended to ring the match secretary and book in to secure your place. Like any other days fishing you will need bait and information on the place you will be fishing. 


Arriving at the venue

Most of our matches draw at 8.45, so it is wise to arrive in plenty of time. This enables you to unpack your fishing gear and talk to anglers about the water you are fishing. 


The Draw

Everyone draws a peg out of a bag to determine where they will be fishing. 


8:45 - 10:00

This is the time which is given for anglers to get to their peg and set up, no fishing or baiting is allowed during this time. 


10:00 - 15:00

This is the standard match time for you to make the most of your peg and hopefully beat as many people on the lake as possible. A whistle will be blown at both times to signal the beginning and end of the match. 


15:00 onwards

The weigh in determines who has the most weight and won the match 

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