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All club members and day ticket holders must observe Club rules. Failure to observe any club rule may result in expulsion of members and/or refusal of future day tickets.

Day Tickets
Day tickets may be purchased at Willsmore from the Baliffs
They are available to fish all week (Monday thru Sunday)for:
Wilsmore Lake, Fakenham
River Wensum, Fakenham

There are a limited amount of day tickets: 8 Willsmore; for any given day!

Day ticket prices for all three waters:
Adults £6.00
Juniors (under 16) £3.00
Senior citizens (65 or over) £6.00
Evening £3.00
24 hour £10.00.

Foxley - guest tickets only available via members at above rates, to fish accompanied by a member

Club Membership

Family Ticket: £50 ~ this ticket is for 2 adults and up to 3 children living at the same address.

Partners Ticket: £60 ~ two adults living at the same address. This will allow both adults to fish either together or separately.

Adult Ticket: £40 ~ standard adult ticket

Senior Ticket: £20 ~ senior citizen ticket (age 65+)

Junior Ticket: £10 ~ junior ticket for ages 16-18

Child Accompanied Ticket: £10 ~ this will allow any child to fish, as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult. The adult does not have to share the same address and can fish alongside the child. NOTE: this DOES NOT allow the adult to fish on their own without the child! The adult must be 21 or older.

Further to this each Adult ticket will have a single FREE guest ticket associated with it for the season. so if you wish to bring a friend fishing you will have a free guest day ticket for any water when you become a club member.

On top of all this we would like to remind all members that you are insured by the club, once you are a member, for accidents and tackle damage etc

if you require further information about this then please contact the club!

There is a limit of 300 members in any year.
Annual club membership runs from 1 April to 31 March.
Annual subscription is due on 1 April each year.
New Members may join at any time. 

NB Any person must hold an up to date membership to fish Club waters, or else buy a day ticket if they have not yet renewed their membership.

The Club has no catchment area limit. 

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