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Foxley is situated between Fakenham and Norwich on the A1067. It is owned by Moor Farm Stable Cottages and Fakenham Angling Club has full access to this peaceful and well stocked lake.

The lake itself is stocked with carp of various sizes up to 20lb+.

You can also find some nice sized Tench and even the occasional 1lb+ Perch, even if the Carp dont want to bite, a single maggot or a worm can always induce a few minutes pleasure from the Perch!

Fishing is limited to a single rod, and daylight hours only.

You must have an "un-hooking mat" and suitable landing net to fish.


Tips and Tricks:

The lake is not overly deep in any location, depth is usually nothing greater than 3 to 4 feet. With the further end of the lake being deeper than the entrance end.

Whilst swim-feeder and ledgering will certainly catch you fish this is one lake where simple waggler or pole fishing will also provide you with superb fish.


Boilies are NOT allowed at this water.

Bread is one of the best baits to fish, but worm, luncheon meet, soft pellets and sweetcorn all produce results.

The far end of the lake includes a deeper "pond" and a "spawning pool" for the carp which remains un-fishable. The "pond" section is a highway for the carp’s movement throughout the lake and as such it usually fishes extremely well.

Margin fishing is a great technique in this lake, allot of the banks are vertical or slightly undercut and the fish hug them during much of the season looking for easy food.

There is a slight current in the water that changes how the fish feed, or where they feed but much of the time fish can be caught at every location around the lake.



The new lake at Foxley is situated just past the entrance to the old lake, on the right. driving up along a track alongside a field will bring you to a gate with the entrance to the new lake in front of you.


The lake is stocked with a wide variety of species including: carp, roach, bream, fantails, orf and goldfish. Rules for this lake are slightly different to the carp lake; you can use groundbait for instance. Dont forget to stop at the gate and read the rule board there so that you know exactly what you can and cannot do.


2013 rule change to Foxley carp Lake:

mid season in 2013 we took the step the re-introduce surface feeding to the lake. This rule is still under probation and its effect on the water will be monitored through 2014 season to ensure it is not being abused. The current rule is:

Surface feeding allowed if kept within "reasonable limits"

In other words a few bits of bread or dog biscuits now and again is fine; but if your throwing handfuls of bait in that simply are not being taken by the fish then expect a bailiff to have a word!

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