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The club owned water, located close to Fakenham Garden Centre is one of the hidden gems of the local town.

It is hard to believe that a few meters walk from the main road can bring you into a fully stocked lake surrounded by trees and local flora and fauna.

The Lake itself is stocked with various silverfish and a good head of carp and bream.

Day tickets are available locally from Fakenham Angling Centre, a 10 minute walk from the lake into Fakenham Town Centre.


At the far end of the lake is a large reed bed which makes for some superb carp fishing sport. The lake end closer to the entrance has a good amount of lily pads providing almost every swim with superb features to fish towards when targetting fish.

Tench and Bream are a good sport in this lake and several good sized fish come out during the season.

The lake is also fun for our younger members who can happily spend an afternoon "tiddler snatching" for the vast amount of roach and rudd in the lake.


We use this lake for our "open day" which raises awareness of the sport and the club in the local community and gives families and people who have never fished the chance to have a go and speak to some of more proficient members about techniques and tackle.

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